The plan was to take easy hike up to Manafosen waterfall (which is a 9th biggest in Norway) and further up by the river.I started at about 13.00 o’clock and start was promising.I got to the top took some pictures and continue my hike,the weather was nice,but a bit cloudy.I moved on slowly,constantly checking for some good view to photograph.There was a hiking trail by the river which is leading to smaller waterfalls and a small lake at the end of  the trail.When i get there,i was thinking,i have to get to other side of lake and then i could make a camp site.The only problem was a lot of rocks instead of nice trail.So it took me about an hour to go from one side of this small lake to other,but it was worth it because in the middle was more small waterfalls i can photograph.At the other side of the lake the weather started to turn pretty bad so i tried to find place where i can make my tent.Its not so easy when all around is just lot of rocks without horizontal surface.Finally i found some flat ground.Yes it was all wet but i had’t time to check for other alternatives.After i finished to set up my tent,started to rain and i was spending all evening hoping it will stop.It did’t stop so i went sleep.At the morning rain was still raining so i decided to pack my bag and go back to car.Road back was double hard because of slippery rocks and a small streams was pretty bigger now so it was harder to cross them.All the ground was wet and my feet as well,but i got at the end safe.Hike was nice even i expected it will be much lighter.However i got some nice panoramas and waterfall pictures.

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