Trip to brufjell

Its getting warmer and finally i decided to go to small trip,this time to brufjell.There is mountain and near to mountain few little caves.

Have to say that half of the road was really easy,but other half,lets say more interesting with lots of serpentines,ups and downs,and really narrow roads.We spent 4 hours driving,but it was fun and we wanted to stop a lot of places simply because there was so beautiful.

On the way of hiking trail was interesting beach with lots of round rocks,just like some secret Hawaii beach,but in Norway style.Our main goal was to find little caves,but it wasn’t that easy.All we knew the caves should be 20 meters above sea level and ”entrance” should be at seaside.Also at that area lives some wild goats and its hard to understand where is the human made track and which one is from goats.Finally we saw some people went down on one side of the Brufjell so we just followed.Going down we realize we actually have to climb from top which was pretty nice and fun.When we got to caves i was little bit disappointed, but some times the main thing is the road not the destination.So we took some pictures and got back.

Soon ill go to some other trips and will show them all here,but before that i have to buy warmer sleeping bag for comfy nights 🙂


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