End of season at the Roldal.

This season was really busy,because almost every weekend we spent on mountain,snowboarding.We spent almost all season on one mountain,so we thought,we should go somewhere further away.We figured out that the best place will be Roldal,because the chance to ride in powder was pretty big and we hadn’t hear any bad reviews from that mountain,except for the fact that there are always cloudy weather and snowing,but we checked forecast and it was pretty good.So we pack our bags,bought some beers and started our 4 hours trip.At 22.30 we were there, met our awesome hosts,drink some cocktails and got to sleep so we can wake up in the morning.Snowboarding day was awesome,there wasn’t even a one cloud in the sky ^^ I also took some pictures but just few because am not that confident to ride with my camera in backpack all day,at least not yet.It  was a really nice trip and we definitely have to repeat it next year.


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